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Centered Around Christ, Inc., (CAC) a 501(C)3 organization, grew out of an incident which took place in the Spring of 2000 when an Ameritech Company (now AT&T) employee, Glenda Hoffman, began handing out potato chips left over from her daughter’s high school post-prom party to the homeless men on the street that she passed on her way to work at the phone company in the downtown area.

One day, one of the men called out to her, and said, “Do you know what we call you? The ‘Chip Lady.’  Everyone watches for you.”

From that simple act of kindness, a lifetime ministry was born for Glenda Hoffman. She began to bring sandwiches and other snacks to hand out going to and from her parking lot, and got to know many of Indianapolis’ homeless “visible yet invisible” residents .

Today, Glenda is an outspoken advocate for the homeless in Indianapolis. Her telecommunications career spans more than 35 years but her avocation is working with the homeless on the downtown streets of Indianapolis.

Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention (CHIP) brings the key outreach teams to work together to work on the homeless issues. These meetings include representatives from HIP (Homeless Initiative Program), Horizon House, Indy Dream Team, Outreach Inc, Pourhouse and Centered Around Christ. Glenda also works with case managers from the Shelter Plus, HIP, Partners in Housing, Salvation Army Women’s Shelter and Midtown to help get clients housed and then provide the large essential items to ease the transition to their apartment.  In addition, Glenda has a developed partnership with Second Starts, a non-profit that addresses the household start-up needs of families in housing crisis in the Indianapolis area.   Second Starts handles the small household items, and CAC, Inc. does the large items (bed, sofas, tables and chairs, etc).

Glenda Hoffman has thrown her heart, her energy, and her finances into the four facets of ministry work sponsored by Centered Around Christ, Inc.  Together with her husband, Andy, and a volunteer force of nearly 200, (including many AT&T Pioneers, coworkers, friends, and various church groups,) four distinct and ongoing efforts are facilitated by the corporation. Glenda has championed values of respect, responsibility, and reverence for the quality of all human life.  Thanks to her dynamic and determined leadership, CAC, INC. currently focuses on four distinct areas of involvement:

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